It’s Christmas

…for you who lose patience with doctors and pain, no money for hospital bills or a glam wig, no time to breathe and meds make you ill … let yourself feel love because HE gives you hope that you will survive breast cancer… it’s Christmas, HE is real for YOU.

“Mary Did You Know”

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Breast cancer’s hell, myths and getting through FEAR…

A memoir over four years. No “think pink” cliche’s. I distrusted remission, this is the nitty-gritty of breast cancer recovery. I share raw selfies, depression and physiological changes, and even how to have intimacy again after a total mastectomy.

I got defiant facing fears of death with ISIS terrorists and opiated monster nightmares… PTSD after breast amputation? How does a ‘goofy’ Irish doggie-lover/wife survive the evil Zombies war on women?

After four years of recoveries, witness my joyful tears with Roxanne in a LIVE 3D nipple tattoo video at The University of Kansas Cancer Center, published by From a Midwest sportswoman’s heart to yours, this is a badass fight for life and survival of my womanhood. Listen and watch medical and musical YouTube’s, alongwith a few jokes that helped salvage months of deep depression.

Cancer means Death. Or does it?Maxine gif

Yayyy!!!!! THIS eBook is available on

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I want to thank all of my ‘friends’ and followers here!!!! While struggling with the eBook and Facebook :/ , I slowly gained some of you for which I’m very grateful… and sorry I haven’t kept up with all of your sites. My bad. I’m not a tech-junkie so a bit slow commenting or viewing others’ stuff.

I tried starting a new website before Christmas – uh bad timing! Hunting and family took precedence. I even had to put off a friend who offered my book to a real pub. But my brain was exhausted from 10 hour days after my editor passed. (Y’all read my tribute…) Even chemo-brain didn’t stop her from that cellphone, not till the very end when her hubby texted instead of her.

Anywho, just wanna give you guys a heads up:

This site will be transitioning to the new: ‘Woman in’ The link will be the same, simple name change. It will represent the series better. I’ll be re-organizing and deleting useless posts, and still providing a link to my Facebook page. So please continue to follow me! And any feedback is so much better than just scrolling and clicking away. Since 2010, I’ve learned comments are so welcome from a real person not just spam!

Book 2 in the WIR series will be coming down th’road

thanks again!!

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