DIARY 1 [ch. 10 Woman in Recon]

After surgery

The pink frock is very firmly elasticized to minimize movement.

If it’s possible to love a mastectomy garment, I loved its wrap-around design with firm Velcro, no buttons or snaps to tug on. I comfortably wore it every day. I relied on the little garment as constant comfort — Ed washed it after a week.

In the first few days home my husband drove to pick up my prescription medicines, and Gatorade since water just didn’t taste good (odd because I love water).
I was barely settled at home when a nurse practitioner from KU Recovery called, asked if I was sure I was doing alright, if I knew how to empty the drains and had no fever. She urged me to call if I needed anything. I posted her number on the frig.
I crawled onto the bed, hung onto the iron head frame, pushed the covers with my feet, sank into the soft, lumpy mattress. Damn… so, so tired.

waterlily.jpgMy family and friends and coworkers sent me best get well fast wishes, so heart warming. Everyone sent prayers and encouragement to keep optimistic. My neighbor brought me a gorgeous bouquet; she and Christina brought over delicious casseroles as well. So thoughtful, lifting my spirits, I could not say thanks enough!
I was barely in the door and Sasha was all over me. WOW such affection! Somehow she  lacked the nervous sadness in her eyes from the last several months, although I hadn’t paid such attention before. She vigorously sniffed me all over and up and down and displayed playfulness I hadn’t seen in years.

Her litter mate, Abby (at top) died four years ago, her death was devastating, Sasha mourned as much as me, but later returned to normal, the loss forgotten as dogs do. Witnessing Sasha’s actions towards me after my surgery got me thinking. perhaps I had no more cancer smell that she could detect.
According to the In Situ Foundation, dogs can smell cancer, even smell it at stage zero, “in situ”. Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense frailty and illness. On TV I’ve watched how cancer patient’s dogs respond in which the dogs exhibit the uncanny ability to differentiate the scent of cancer in a person. Helping to cure them sooner than after it’s too late.

All I knew was I couldn’t bear not having my Sasha constantly with me on my lap or lying next to me after I came home from surgery.
Sasha sure got my attention this time — what an amazing, special nose! How great it must be for my dog’s own well being not to inhale the stench of death from me now!

Miraculous… She seemed to read my mind. My little mutt regained her bounce, showing me total, dutiful adoration for her mamma in her soft brown eyes since my homecoming from a mastectomy. Her prior self-absorption was gone. Her little doggie world had gotten happy — that made me happy. Lying in bed, snuggling her nose into my leg, her own little doggie comfort specially for my anguish. I gently stroked her soft ear, I adore my baby so much.Sasha