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“Your skin’s so soft. And smooth.” My hubby rarely compliments me, being a rough ‘n tumble kind of dude. He usually yanks my chain in jest to boost my ego. So for him to be so savvy was extra nice. I snuggled close with him, smiling. Maybe it was proof the body creme I’d bought from Shelly was producing results now. Ed’s whispered comment was the Maraschino on my sundae. Mmmmmmm.


Yes, I won the KUMC Plastic Surgery Dept. FREE facial giveaway! Shelly called me to congratulate me and set my time to get PAMPERED. I’d never had a facial before so Aaaahhh was excited.

the BEFORE.B4facial

First, I removed all my jewelry.jewelry@facial

Let the pampering commence!  I leaned back in the chair while we chitchatted, she laid a hot steamy towel over my face.

Yeah, it’s me buried under there …hot Twl

I was immersed in luxury in the next hour of Shelly slathering and wiping and stroking several serums and lotions around my eyes, nose, cheeks and neck.


Each had a specific purpose; one exfoliated, one for toning, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and finally a serum for absolute smoothness. Creating balance and supple skin that makes you go aaaaah.

Then Shelly smoothed silky, warm lotion over my upper chest (hence the after photo). She softly massaged muscles I forgot I had. Her expert hands glided over my once sore muscles — I was in Heaven. There wasn’t a drop that was not unabsorbed when those masseuse hands were finished on my chest.

Very relaxing, she even combined aromas with my massage. How fluid her fingers felt working the lotion into my skin, leaving my skin feeling warm and soft. I felt serene. Getting a fantastic facial isn’t a black & white improvement. The contrast is how invigorated and smooth my face, neck and chest was when she was finished. And one of the best things is all of her lotions ‘n potions were made specially with carcinogen-free ingredients, and sold as such.

The AFTER.Afterfacial

Is Clinical products are specially made for cancer prevention skin care. And the serums and lotions feel wonderful on the skin. No more alligator feeling! In fact, one benefit of the Healing serum, a couple of drops of this luscious stuff is instant relief on any sensitive parts. Only thing my intensely sore nose could tolerate when I came down with pneumonia last winter after a long month of an upper respiratory infection. Every other cream, even plain ol’ Vaseline burned touching my nose. I applied two drops of the serum twice a day. Really miracle stuff.


Is Clinical is a line of anti-aging cancer preventative skin care that contains no animal fats, no soy nor fillers that would increase the risk of cancer when absorbed into your skin. Each product is odor free and glides on ultra smooth without a greasy feeling. The serums slide on slick as baby oil, but don’t clog facial pores like baby oil. On my last complimentary laser treatment visit Shelly gave me a pretty goodie bag of

Is Clinical samples to use on my face.  sampl1

  • Pump skin cleanser
  • Reparative moisture emulsion
  • Poly-vitamin serum
  • Pro-healing serum
  • Hydra-cool serum
  • Rejuv mask & brush
  • Spf 30 sunscreen
note: I am not selling ‘Is Clinical’. It’s worth every cent and simply a great product anyone can buy online that feels wonderful.. I am a health advocate. If a licensed aesthetician is knowledgeable, using these products, I will as well. It’s in discussion in the disclaimer.*

After trying the free samples, I was determined to buy at least one product. I bought two Is Clinical lotions after Shelly explained the benefits of each. The hand cream is great after your hands are rough and dry from chores. I call the Reparative Emulsion my ‘rejuv stuff’ – so smooth and it takes only a tiny dab not as big as a dime, smoothed on my whole face… It’s very reassuring to use such beneficial skin care after going through breast cancer! If there is a benefit to having breast cancer, it’s the opportunity to pamper myself with fantastic, pure products to

be kissably soft.   


Thanks so much Shelly!



*”Can a Carcinogen Free Cosmetics be real? – Chemists Corner.” 2012. 29 Apr. 2016