Shown first here, after learning I had breast cancer my mom-n-law gave me a nice jogging set by DanskinNow.  Just because I don’t jog I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down! Lightweight, it’s so soft and just stretchy enough to be feel nicer than the heavy cotton from the old days. Very comfy anytime I need a light cover on my arms to run to the store.
The pant has a wide waistband, so comfortable on my sore tummy because after fat graft surgeries I couldn’t wear blue jeans for several weeks.    bluTop

By early summer and receiving saline injections I could not wear a normal bra at all. In fact, I hadn’t worn any bra since the mastectomy in February. Now don’t judge, I had been wearing the pink flowered frock as a bra of sort. Anything touching against my bra-line was painful.  Too constricted.
I tried on many in retail stores, then I hit Thrift stores. This was when I figured out I’m not a 36B anymore. Most sports bras are meant for smaller gals than me …  never been tiny, being blessed with my dad’s husky build. Never carried more than 115 pounds on my 5’3″ body, hyperactive and slim, but more than average bone mass, too short to wear ‘Misses’, too muscled to wear ‘Juniors’. Okaaaay. I ignored the size on the tag. Sooooo it’s XL — to hell with it!  I needed comfort and some support to stop sore boobsies. I bought some Fruit of the Loom sports bras for 50 cents at a thrift store! I’ve worn them with snug T’s, all year, not too tight, not frumpy.  Salvation Army Thrift store saved my butt.  Or boobs…

After my implants surgery in mid July I bought this silky poly knit all-in-one bra top below. Was so comfortable on a hot July day!  I didn’t even retire it through winter — I wore it to work out too. (That’s in a later segment.)

‘Decent Exposures’ sports bra at Gordman’s on clearance: $5.50

 One piece underbra

I got the blaze orange one-piece swimsuit also at a Salvation Army thrift store, still had the tag on it $2 .00.  Just a CUTE BUY, now it’s good bra and torso support after my fat graft surgery.
 Tanks are great for support, especially quality Lycra like this. It’s so comfy even just for lounging around.
This swimsuit bra support is very soft.

I paired it with ultra lightweight PJ pants


 Yeah, I like blaze orange, remember kids, I’m a hunter!!

‘Warner’ no-wire lower bra, microfiber/cotton lining

 LA Gear sport bra with thin, soft pads for no show,  great under a shirt

Christmas gift from my daughter:
PJ’s are lightweight cotton/acrylic knit– PERFECT for around the house and any work out, SPORTSWEAR AFTER BREAST RECONSTRUCTION
 I was amused she thought I wore PJ’s!

Tops: $1 on clearance

Baseball style T-shirt.  I cut off the sleeves and the binding so it would be ultra loose.  I sweat easy – that is miserable on my chest. YUCK.  I wear either the cotton knit or a sports bra under it to stay cool.  

Cute print fleece sweatpants, another Christmas gift.  (My family knows my house is cold in winter.)

Bargain bin thick, warm socks: $1.00
slip proof for exercise

Red Racks D.A.V. Thrift store:
A Victoria Secret soft, no-wire that fit me. A thirty dollar bra —  tag was still on it and I snagged it for $2.95!

no-wire microfiber/polyester
For comfort and warm up to lift my little 3# hand bars.
I grab my ol’ Chief’s hoodie to warm up (exercising or not).  I don’t care if they’re popular or winning or losing — I’ll wear my hoodie till it’s in rags!

Before I chopped off my hair, I couldn’t stand hair in my face, here I slipped on a headband. Just so happens I love bright colors that match. I’m wearing the orange tank below. You can see my underarm in the photo here so I’ll explain. This lower photo I’m still in reconstruction mode, my left underarm remains to be filled-in with fat grafts after the mastectomy. It sounds and looks gross, but there is no fat nor breast tissue there now. It is what it is … was.

Okay, these are my own low-cost, easy going, out-and-about, lounging around ‘n exercise clothes I have worn after my mastectomy while I undergo breast reconstruction. Hope you gals get some ideas and reassurance that you don’t need to be so damn uncomfortable or look as awful as you feel, trying to fit into a bra again. All these bras are no-wire, pants have softly elasticized waist or pull cords, to be loose fitting. I have not worn nor bought a wire support bra since my mastectomy, February 2014. Don’t fret and stew, your bosom will look great soon, but in the meantime just go for comfort in a bra, if you even need one!

You don’t have to lay out hundreds of bucks to look good exercising or feel nicely put together under T’s or blouses when your whole chest is sore. Regaining your strength and emotional confidence is number one.  I repeat I’ve been there, done that. Still am 27 months later.

There is no fast, immediate, easy-fix way to get your body back. Having breast cancer, a mastectomy and reconstruction you will have to face the not-so-nice fact your body and your mindset will have a new ‘normal’.  I was blessed that my cancer was reduced to Stage 1 Ductal Carcinoma, therefor that diagnosis eliminated the need for treatment more severe than simple reconstruction and anti-hormone therapy. I truly sympathize for those who endure radiation and chemotherapy, and if you are strong enough, please consult with your doctors before trying any exercise.

I strongly recommend stretches throughout the day.  Constantly move your arms and upper body so you do not get so stiff.  Follow some YouTubes of professionals; these videos are safe to start:


My  simple

advice: be comfortable.