Been awake most the night, this is veering off my usual breast cancer stuff today. This time I don’t care IF people ‘like’ or not, so continue to see what I’m hammering about.

As I’m having my first cup of coffee I recall my friend, Candy always shared a love of the hot brew. Weird but now I’m sentimental.

Here’s the texts as it happened yesterday.

To group

Me:  My friend Candy is at Ray County hospital. I took her roses today. was my CS teacher @WMA and my Sgt. in the Natl. Guard. Only 3 years older than me. Surreal. She’s dying with emphysema. I will miss her. Not posting this on FB.

She taught me computers and to handle an M16. Stout woman.

I cried driving most the way home

Now home gotta try to eat.

Tam: I do remember her. Sad situation.  She was who taught me computers. Wonderful lady.

Me: Yes she taught me too. Had many cups of coffee at school & Docs house. 🙂

I was alone with her, she recognized me, smiled, whispered my name. Tried to raise her head when she saw the bouquet, I laid my hand on her so she wouldn’t struggle to move. Breathing so labored, fell back zzz.

Maybe I’m premature but I know she’s ready by her posts lately. Writing so deep I can’t follow it.

I dreamt we visited..

Thanks for responding kiddo 🙂

Adrian: Well that was nice of you. How did you know?

Me: She has a special FB page like mine. I’m in her group. Her friend messaged me.

She’s the reason I went to WMA, she used to supervise your brother playing bball. (Being teacher on duty)Ttysoon

Wednesday, May 11  5:12 a.m.

via FB     Betty: Candy is gone.

My heart skipped a beat! I tried to text a decent acknowledgement. My mind was mush from lack of sleep worrying, knowing Candy wouldn’t go thru the night. As I had sat by her, I heard the ‘death rattle’ from her chest, same as when my grandma died. That sound means death is very imminent. Horrid sound. It’s unforgettable – grates on your ears.

I watched Candy sleep, oxygen hoses in her nose, not really helping her breathe. She couldn’t swallow and gasping like a fish out of water. If I didn’t love her so much, I would have turned away from the sight of tubes and such illness. She was so decrepit. I sat watching her as I idly watched a ballgame on TV, holding her hand so thin and frail. Her hollowed face showed no pain as she slept, gurgling louder than a breath. I yearned for her to be awake; she couldn’t…

Me: Oh! Blessed woman, I thank you for letting me know. I didn’t sleep much, I’m on my first cup of coffee as she always wrote about. Loved good coffee:)

She’s with the Lord and that consoles me.Whatever you need, please call me.

To Hubby: Candy’s friend texted Candy died in the night. I didn’t sleep well tonight. The Lord blessed me to have 30 minutes to sit with her after 15 years our lives went differently.

So I sit in bed, a cup of coffee on the night stand. Remembering Candy as my mentor, teacher, my Sergeant in the Guard, fellow writer. No more pain nor insurance hassles. I’ll miss our online notes. She was brilliant. Rest in peace.