Our life hangs in the balance of medicine and our will. That balance is frail as a hummingbird, uh seems. Our spirit is to survive in spite of fighting. But have you ever witnessed hummingbirds fight over food? Chasing and ramming each other with those little spears. Flamboyant feathered fighters, hummingbirds will flash their colors as a warning to intruders, but if unheeded, they will fight to the death ” for that sweet nectar, as a ‘Nat Geo Wild’ clip shows. The tiny males don’t fight head to head for mates but food is prime, with a metabolism so fast they will die within hours if it doesn’t drink its nectar breakfast.

Beautiful and tough, not frail at all as also a world full of beautiful and tough women are surviving breast cancer — women in recon. So ladies, have you ever thought of yourself as a survivor, as the hummingbird?