My last procedure, but sure as nibbies, not the least…

Nippie, nibbles, ladybugs or polka-dots are all said in fun and we giggle. Some men are mesmerized by our teeny body part as a thing of exquisite beauty or sexuality, then some just vaguely aware of how seriously women feel about our nips. I want to share my last procedure — my nipple tattoo.

Well, I’ll tell ya, the moment I saw my new tattooed ones in the mirror, I lost it! All those months of being empty –lacking anything but smooth ball of skin under my bra was GONE. My new breasts suddenly had gorgeous, pinkish nipples again!! Indescribable. That mirror became my friend as I became mesmerized too, in awe. How a simple, tiny part of my chest gave me such a rush of femininity, tears erupted with laughter I didn’t want to stop. My control evaporated but it was the TOTALLY bestest feeling — I was damned elated! I hugged Roxanne like she was a life preserver —  she is to me.

‘That’s gorgeous’: Breast cancer patient moved to tears after seeing tattooed nipple. Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com


Getting nipple tattoos was not like getting my nails done, not a massage either. Therapy yes, but it’s not the icing on the cake, it’s the eggs, an essential ingredient. The nipple tatts completed my healing. It gave me much needed closure. My husband has always said I have that “je ne sai quoi or whatever.” Now I finally felt it. TaDa! I was like woohoo!!!

For any woman wondering how it feels, or questioning is it worth it? Of course! Let me assure you, it is so-o-o good and yes! Worth every second! I’ll gladly answer any concerns, just drop me an email. 🙂