count your blessings

August 13, 2014
A wife doesn’t usually need to text her husband in the middle of the night. But mine works the late shift.
Two nights after my fat graft surgery, I could not sleep. I felt angry and frustrated and ugly and had to vent. I texted him.
ME: Last night I couldn’t sleep from pain – I hadn’t done anything in the least bit strenuous, but my whole body ached badly. I got up from tossing in the covers, took a pain pill and I love you
His reply: Count your blessings, take some quiet time to hear God’s voice. I will never leave you or forsake you. Ask for strength, Stop to pray for u, wrap my arms around u.
And this morning he did, that’s why I married him, he loves me heart and soul. He calms me, tries to ease my pain. I thank God he’s my husband – he knows my heart and soul too.It has been a very long haul, trying to maintain. A positive attitude.
My muscles are weak as I write this. Twelve months of being manipulated, undergone three surgeries. My whole chest is very sore and tender. For months I constantly braced myself against getting bumped. It was a long, miserable wait to withstand an affectionate hug from my husband. Oh it felt so good – I melted in his arms again. I close my eyes… because nothing else matters.