excerpt of “Damn Monsters”

Don’t need a holiday declared to honor my bro… an excerpt of “Damn Monsters”

Flying in Desert Storm, my brother also coped with trauma first-hand. Jerrie assured me,
“… this is how we heal. People will tell you what you need and what’s wrong with you without any knowing the real truth. So as you have written and, as I call it a journey of discovery. The truth comes to us in stories. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t understand your story, only important that YOU get the moral of YOUR story. I still get the feeling from your writing you are trying to express your pain and fear, am I wrong? Do you still feel Dad’s presence at times? I do! Grandma also, especially when I feel lost or hopeless… I hope they also come to you in times of need, they inspire us and comfort us.” I love and miss my younger brother 265 miles away.