Tail of destruction

I struggled not to succumb to my fears as I wrestled with the nightmares of breast cancer. Its evil tentacles transformed my inner defenses into nightmares of murderous rage, fearfully violent with ISIS terrorism and deadly monsters. Fear, one eerily prophetic, so much it freaked me out considering the political shit going on for real in 2016. Real life events occurred soon thereafter, that made my skin crawl. I’ve always had a ‘gift’ of foreseeing an issue not as a psychic, but of a lucid, extrasensory nature. (My husband calls it my “tinglies”.) At times, it’s a curse…

Having my boob hacked off, affected by strong doses of Hydrocodone and Diazepam spawned the worst nightmares–

Nature’s January sublime calm was short-lived. Fishing pole on the ground, I stood on the icy patches of grass and gravel, struggled to keep my boots from sliding into the murky water. The ice churned and cracked as a MONSTOR tail crashed through the ice surface with a mighty swipe! Huge ice shards crashed near my feet – I jumped back, screaming!!

Something emerged out of the ice water right in front of me, I watched unable to move– Tyrannosaurus Rex burst out of the water, ready to chomp its gihugic jaws onto anything near its jaws. Slimy mud slid off the monster’s black tail spikes, rigid hatchets down his spine. Crushed ice and a deadly whirlpool split where it had lain under the depths, sucked fish out of their icy sleep, sucked into its jaws.

Rearing its head, teeth of swords, a death-piercing scream cut through my head, shattering the earth. Its tail, a massive sword, flung chunks of ice in torrential water, back and forth in a massive wake. I bounded on top of the screaming Rex! I gripped a Mahican axe to chop off its head, scrambled between its spikes upward onto the mighty reptilian neck just as it lowered his bulk back into the frigid, brown water. . In reflex I jumped to swim to shore — I looked over my shoulder just as his black hatchet spikes submerged down into the icy depths.

Deep anger inside, a public facade made difficult as muscles twitched in pain… damn monsters … I could not contain the nightmares.