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DrJI applaud your story…  you are so personable… you are amazing! Loved reading your writings … and celebrate knowing you are nearing the finish line. You Go Girl!!!  Hugs, Amie”             — Dr. Amie Jew

“This book is important as a healing process…  and will help those who have been touched by this condition. It is a culmination of the trauma of breast cancer of a woman who not only lived through the ups and downs but grew to a better person closer to God.”                — Reese King, Technical trainer, NTS Kern, USA

 Beautiful. And so are you. I’m so happy for you! Hang in there. You’re doing great.❤️🌷🌷 Penny Swofford Perkins


Christine JL Whitfield:

“Woman in Recon” is NOT a doctor’s point-of-view, or another dreamy and depressing re-telling of a ‘remarkable journey’ through the depths of breast cancer hell, ending with preachy epiphanies or life-lessons. “Woman in Recon; the Nightmare of Breast Cancer” IS however, spiritually undeniably compelling, an extremely raw, emotional biting, down-to-earth, to the point, unique, first of its kind, multi-media experience. It is not for the weak or faint of heart. It is not a “touchy-feely”, warm fuzzy, chicken soup read. No asinine”think pink” parody here.

As a Kansas University breast cancer patient, Trish reveals uncensored selfies, and live videos and insight, as she dealt with the abyss known as breast cancer hell.

Trish Frommer’s ‘Woman in Recon’ is a total package, which includes detailed recounts of six breast reconstructive surgeries, 4 long years of depression, shock, avoidance, grief, sexual dysfunction, opiate addiction and all that comes with facing breast cancer. What is left of a 62-year-old mid-western grandmother who survived a deadly disease, her own mother died from? Would she die too? Everyone knows cancer could mean death -certain death – in certain time. But even death is uncertain when bravely confronted, as she did.

This woman who continues to fish, hunt and live life fully, recalls traumatic daily details as though you are with her as it happened. This did happen. Her story is heart-breaking, seductive and picturesque with tidbits of humor. Her rejuvenating poetry shows a comeback, an odyssey years after being feared within inches of her grave. Listen with your heart, read and share as you courageously march alongside Trish in this epic, man-eating event of her lifetime.

The question is: will you be daring and bold enough to face your own fears to the very end?

Mary Barbieri:

Her heart shows through her writings. I enjoy her humor and that is
one thing that has gotten me this far. On downhill slide of this though.

I have known Trish now for over a year. She is a true mentor and this
book and blog isn’t just about her but about you and your future. Her heart is to
see that when diagnosed with Cancer that life does go on, and the pain and
nightmares will come and go. I highly recommend that you read her book and FOLLOW her Facebook page and blog.

Keep up the work on your blog. Praying for you and other women. Thank you for
allowing me the privilege of reading your book… friend and breast cancer survivor


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